4 weeks to go!

Now just under 4 weeks before the big day, which basically means 2 weeks of hard graft left.  Oh, how time is whizzing by!  Training is still good and enjoyable, though being honest about it, I'm looking forward to the 2 week taper period afterwards when I can focus on getting my legs as fresh as possible for race day.

The last 2 Sundays I've trodden along my old favourite west highland way trail.  I must admit, it is a nice feeling when you get to the stage that 20 miles off-road isn't a daunting task.  I will never say 20 miles is easy, which it certainly is not, but I am now getting to the end of the run and feeling comfortable.  Wearing a pack now is second nature and I think it would feel a bit odd without it.  The rest of my training last week had to be put on the back burner due to other unforeseen commitments.  On the positive side, my legs got some well deserved time to recover.  My next opportunity for training was last Friday after work.  I did my hill session at Kelvingrove, which was fantastic.  Legs felt refreshed and strong, definitely my best hill session yet by a mile. 

I did the same hill session tonight after work, though this time I was joined by my good friend Stephen Scally.  As it was his first time doing this type of training, he did brilliantly given the difficulty of the session.  From the first rep, your breathing is quickly laboured and thighs are on fire.  The intensity just carries on increasing right to the last step.  I'll be interested to know how his legs are feeling in the morning!  Let's see how my legs and my head stand up to a quick 10 mile road run in the morning.

On the fundraising front, we're currently sitting at £2,255, which is fantastic.  I'm confident we'll reach our target by race day, and hopefully surpass it.  

It's getting to the point now I'm just looking forward to race day.  Training's almost done and the key is being sensible and making sure I don't take any chances by overdoing it.  

Looking forward to a good long sleep on a Sunday morning again, if the kids allow it!!

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