£640 raised in first 24 hours

£640 raised in first 24 hours

£640 raised within the first 24 hours of Ryan and Oscar's donation page going live and £690 at the last count!! What an amazing start to our appeal and overwhelming generosity from all who have given so far.  So a huge thank you to you all.  Now that we have a good amount of cash on the board, the prospect of helping the boys' now becomes a reality.  The more we can raise, the more we can make a positive difference to their day-to-day lives.

From my perspective, all of a sudden things feel a bit different.  I suppose up until now, as much as the plan was always to raise money for Ryan and Oscar, it has very much felt as though I was just training to run a race.  There's no question it has increased the significance and importance of my run on October 5th.  It's certainly a great motivator.  

Buoyed by the fact we have raised so much on the first day, I went out for a 10 mile road run straight from work yesterday with a real spring in my step. Down through the park, along the Clyde and through Glasgow Green - first time post Commonwealth Games. It's fascinating how peoples' mood changes in different environments - nobody making eye contact, smiling or saying hello. Interesting though, another scorching evening run, eyes nipping with sweat, chafing in all chafable places, even my backpack had to dry out afterwards.  If running in the heat means a longer summer then thou shall not complain.

Last weekend I managed around 22 miles - 7.5 road run on Saturday morning, followed by a 14.5 Sunday morning trail run along what is quickly becoming my favourite route, the West Highland Way.  A 7am rise for a Sunday morning run isn't my usual time to run, and neither did my legs seem to approve.  The first 6 miles felt like a protest, that they should still be resting under the comfort of a warm, cosy duvet.  Luckily they came to life thereafter and felt really strong right to the end.  Again, the weather was great, and such a contrast to the deluge that poured on the cyclists as the Commonwealth road race sped through the city.

This is the first week that my training feels like it's really coming together.  Another great session running up and down the steep, grassy hills of Kelvingrove park completed my running.  A couple of intense 5k rows - legs like jelly afterwards, and a few sets of pull-ups and press-ups every night.  I've always thought the more you train, the more you stretch.  I have been practising what I'm preaching, meaning flexibility is improving every week, quick recovery, no twinges or aches and pains. It's been a good week, and feeling more motivated and inspired than ever.

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  1. Jennifer Nelson said...

    Well done! You inspired me to sign up for the half marathon as soon as I left your office last week. I'll need to get researching some 7-10 routes near coatbridge!

  2. Alan said...

    Well done Jennifer! Just remember to enjoy it and not put any pressure on yourself. You'll enjoy the whole training process much more.

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