Alan's Marathon Training - Beach Style!

Day 5 into my 2 week family camping holiday in Mull.  So far, every day has been a scorcher and according to the local weather man (the Mull to Iona ferry man), the next few days are to be even better.

A day trip over to Iona yesterday was pretty special, and thanks to some local knowledge provided by Annemarie (Balance receptionist), today we visited Scoor beach, which could easily have been from a set from Hawaii 5 O!  True to form, Annemarie mentioned the Golden Eagles at this spot, and they didn't disappoint.  We saw 5, 3 of them gliding the thermals together - spectacular.  Staffa and Fingals Cave beckon tomorrow, though I think I need to apply some factor 50.  Even the kids are telling me how bad my goggles are!

I'm sure you can imagine my training is quite relaxed at the moment. 

Let's put it down to the weather being hot!  A gentle warm up tomorrow morning for a few miles before breakfast. Serious training starts in a week and a half!

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  1. Gerry said...

    Alan, glad to see yoga as part of your training. I'll give you a few tips for that handstand!

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