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  • Thank You from Ryan & Oscar's Parents

    Ryan and Oscar's parents say a huge thank you to everyone for the heartfelt generosity 4 Nov 2014

  • Total of £3,500 Raised!

    Total £3,500 raised, legs recovering well from Glencoe and looking for next challenge. 16 Oct 2014

  • Massacred and Seduced by Glencoe

    The awe-inspiring surroundings of Glencoe more than seduce your mind away from the brutality that your legs have to contend with. 8 Oct 2014

  • Race over and £3,350 raised!

    Race over and went well, and a huge thank you for the overwhelming support from everyone as we reach £3,350 in donations. 6 Oct 2014

  • Registered and ready to go!

    Spectacular drive through Glencoe and great pre-race day build up. 4 Oct 2014

  • Jackpot!! £2.5k Target Reached

    £2.5 target reached with week to go, and pure nutrition in final week's preparation. 28 Sep 2014

  • Altitude training in Switzerland?

    A few days holiday visiting family in Switzerland, catching the end of their summer and last preparations before entering final week. 26 Sep 2014

  • Two's a crowd - but only on race day!

    Training about to wind down as I complete my 2 main training staples. Running with my brother, and long runs about to be replaced by yoga. 17 Sep 2014

  • 4 weeks to go!

    20 mile runs on west highland way now routine, hill sessions getting stronger and £2,255 raised so far 9 Sep 2014

  • A Total Assault on My Legs

    My week's training update, including a great fell running session at Dumgoyne hill and beyond 30 Aug 2014

  • Footwear Laid Bare

    A synopsis of my approach to footwear and why, especially for running! 27 Aug 2014

  • £2010 raised in 2 weeks

    Fantastic effort and generosity means we've reached 80% of target in just 2 weeks. 20 Aug 2014

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