Jackpot!! £2.5k Target Reached

Jackpot!! £2.5k Target Reached

Well done everyone, we've hit our target of £2.5k with one week to go.  Great effort so far, with promises from a number of people still to donate.  Hopefully this will take us well beyond our target amount and raise as much as we can for Ryan and Oscar. Thank you once again to everyone who has played their part so far.  

Back home from holiday tomorrow and seriously need to get back on the nutritional wagon! The whole of next week will be about taking in lots of good carbohydrates, protein, electrolytes - especially salt, and making sure I'm well hydrated.  Good clean food and fluids, the treats can come on Sunday after the race!!

Off to enjoy my sister-in-law's home-made curry now - I did say I would start from tomorrow!

Sponsor me now for Ryan & Oscar.


  1. Jennifer Nelson said...

    Good luck on Sunday Alan. I've had to downgrade to the 10k as my knee is not holding up but I'll just need to go for a 10k PB.

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