Registered and ready to go!

Registered and ready to go!

Had a fantastic build up to the race today, as Thomas (my brother) and I drove up to Fort William for tomorrow's race.  Having the time to take it easy and enjoy the drive, Scotland is truly stunning.  From Loch Lomond upwards, the scenery just gets better and more dramatic.  Driving through Glencoe, with skies ranging from summer blue to stormy black, there is a sublime eeriness and drama to it that almost feels alive.  

Registration was at Glen Nevis, where the race will finish.  Due to the heavy rainfall they've had, the ground was already muddy.  I expect we're in for a wet, muddy day tomorrow, given the expected forecast over the next 24 hours.  I'm sure the race will be all the more interesting for it!
Tonight, our pre-race meal was at the Ben Nevis Inn, where we met a few friends (1 doing the marathon and 2 the half marathon).  As the name suggests, this establishment is at the end of the road and at the foothills of Ben Nevis.  We arrived here in darkness, though there was a real presence surrounding us from the mountain shadows.  The food was great, as advised on trip adviser.  Some Cullen skink soup followed by a carbohydrate-loaded pasta dish with beetroot and goats cheese - I'm probably not selling it well but it was tasty.

Back to the B&B at 9.45pm to get organised for the morning.  It's a 6am rise in the morning to have breakfast, before heading for the shuttle bus to take us from Glen Nevis to Glencoe at 7.15.  I think it's time for lights out and hopefully a good night's sleep.

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  1. Susan Nickson said...

    Hope everything went well. Looking 4ward 2 hearing all abt it. Regards Susan & Dennis.

  2. Gerard said...

    Good luck Alan and Thomas!

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