Running in the woods

Well into the second week of the holiday now, and moved from the Isle of Mull to the north east highlands.  Drove a bit up and down the Cromarty Firth and Moray Firth until we settled for a smallish forest campsite in Nairn.  Great site, very calm and secure for the kids.  Once again, we've hit the jackpot with the weather. 

There's an added bonus with this site - it's got forestry trails.  It means I can do part of my runs through the pine forest - the smell running through it in the morning is clean and fresh.  I've managed 4 runs so far on holiday: a 6 miler, 8 miler and two 10 milers.  Hopefully one more before heading home on Sunday.  All but one have included off-road trails, which are more enjoyable and definitely suit me best, though they have all felt a little like running through treacle at times - hopefully just holiday lard!

Training proper starts from Monday, which gives me 9 weeks good training, with 2 weeks to taper before the race.  I need to hit the hill sessions hard, and get my long runs in on trails.  


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  1. John H said...

    I used to holiday in Nairn Alan.....had the old speedos on in the Moray Firth ...character building:) lovely area ....enjoy !!!

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