Total of £3,500 Raised!

Total of £3,500 Raised!

With the fundraising now at an end, we've raised a total of £3,500 on the dot.  A great achievement and great cause that I feel proud to be involved in.  Even if it's just a little, I'm sure Ryan and Oscar will benefit from the generosity of everyone who donated.  For me, it's been quite a humbling experience being able to help two very worthy little boys, whilst at the same time receiving amazing support, and experiencing a fantastic journey to completing the Glencoe marathon.

It's a little strange thinking what to do next after Glencoe.  It's been a focal point for most of the year, and as much as your life doesn't quite revolve around it - I've tried to fit it around family life, there is a date in the diary that is difficult to ignore.  Now that this date has expired, there's no focal point to concentrate your efforts.  Yes I know, it's only 11 days after the run and we're still in recovery mode.  However, I feel remarkably good, legs feel fresh and recovered already.  

I've run twice since the marathon, last Saturday it was a nice easy 5.5 mile road run with my older brother Steven.  Then on Tuesday, my younger brother Thomas took me on one of his staple coastal runs where he lives in Cumbria.  Thomas said on more than one occasion that this is a really hilly route, emphasising the difficulty of some of the climbs. I approached this run as a gauge of how my legs were recovering, so was happy not to push the distance or the speed too much.  We ran 11.2 miles with plenty of hills up and down, including a 1 mile climb towards the end.  I was surprised to find the run easy and the hills didn't even register on my legs or cardio fitness.

What to do next?  As we're heading towards the end of the running season, events that appeal become thin on the ground.  There are two that I'm considering.  A half marathon I've run twice before and enjoyed, is Jedburgh on Sunday 26 October.  It is mostly road, but I can cope with country roads and trails, with the smell of trees and wood burners.  I did have a moment of madness and considered the ultra 38 mile 3 peaks trail race, but it was only momentary until I came back to my senses.  I'll settle for the half!  Next there is the Tinto Hill Race 2 weeks later, which is a 7km race up and down Tinto hill, run by Carnethy Hill Running Club.  Beyond that, I have registered for a fantastic adventure in 2015, which I'll find out on Friday 24 October if I've been successful in the ballet.  I'll let you know what it is when I find out if I'm in!

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