Our Chiropractors

Our highly experienced chiropractors have been registered with the regulatory body the General Chiropractic Council since its inception in 2003.

Alan MacInnes

Alan's route to becoming a chiropractor has taken a few twists along the way. Having left school to embark on a short-lived football career, other jobs as a fitness instructor and in construction were soon dispatched as he entered study mode. Moving on from completing a business studies course, ultimately to an engineering degree, Alan's experience of working in the manufacturing sector didn't provide that vital spark of satisfaction.

Having experienced McTimoney chiropractic treatment, Alan was very much taken with the simplistic approach and effectiveness of the treatment. Since graduating from the McTimoney College of Chiropractic in 2001, he has built up a significant and loyal client base in Glasgow's west end.

Alan's analytical approach is about understanding the nature of the problem and addressing the root cause, whilst educating the patient. Patients treated range from 3 years of age to 93, covering a wide spectrum of complaints, from all manner of day-to-day problems, to professional dance and sports related complaints.

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Caroline Anott

Caroline qualified with a diploma in chiropractic from the Oxford College of Chiropractic in 1999. She began working at this time in an established McTimoney Chiropractic Clinic in Glasgow. Continuing her studies, she qualified a year later from the Oxford Brookes University with a degree in chiropractic. During her years of work in the chiropractic field, Caroline has treated patients from all walks of life from international athletes, to sedentary workers to the infirm.

Professional development is very important to Caroline. Over the years she has trained in various types of muscular release techniques, has trained in the assessment and fitting of orthotics and is also qualified in Cranio-sacral therapy. This gives Caroline a range of therapeutic techniques to choose from to support the chiropractic treatment where necessary depending on the patients needs.

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Morna Dodd

Morna's decision to become a chiropractor happened after suffering 10 years of back pain following a skiing accident for which there appeared to be no cure, despite the efforts of physios and GP's. That is, until she met a chiropractor! Within a couple of months, Morna was pain free. She decided then that she would love to help others as she had been helped.

Morna discovered the McTimoney College of Chiropractic in Abingdon and started on the 5 year Masters programme in January, 2007, graduating with a first class Masters degree in December, 2011. Now that she is working as a chiropractor, she is thoroughly satisfied with life, and feels that her 10 year history of back pain, pain killers, and prescribed 'rest' were not a waste after all, but rather a route to a new career and a better understanding of the pain and frustrations of others.

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Kim Maxwell

Kim Maxwell M.Chiro, MMCA

Kim qualified from McTimoney College of Chiropractic with a Master of Chiropractic (M.Chiro). 

Previously her career as a Network Engineer spanned across engineering and IT environments within various business sectors including energy, oil & gas and telecommunications.  However, her attention turned to new profession as a Chiropractor due to her keen interest about the treatment and benefits. Leading her to embark on a journey to a new vocation and join the team at Balance Chiropractic and Yoga Centre in 2013.

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