Chiropractic frequently asked questions

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How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions needed varies considerably from patient to patient. Your chiropractor will advise you of an initial treatment plan which will take into account the nature of the problem, how long you've had the problem, your age and stress levels as well as numerous other considerations. However, as a guide, most patients, on average, need between two and six sessions, initially at weekly intervals then spaced out over monthly intervals. Once the problem has been resolved, preventative/maintenance treatments are recommended at intervals, which will vary depending on your individual circumstances.

What should I do after treatment?

Your chiropractor will advise of ways that you can help yourself after treatment. Generally this will include the advice that you rest for at least 20 minutes immediately after treatment, and take it easy for at least 24-48 hours. Your chiropractor will also suggest you pay attention to your posture, refrain from doing any sporting activities or lifting anything heavy.

How do I stop the problem recurring?

You will receive postural advice after the treatment to help your body get the most benefit from the adjustments you have received, and to raise your awareness of simple things that you may be doing every day which may be exacerbating your problem. You could also be given some basic exercises or stretches to do if your chiropractor feels that would be beneficial.

Will it hurt?

The highly dexterous and light adjustments of the McTimoney treatment means that it is gentle and rarely painful. However, the treatment is very effective, and after treatment, you may feel physical changes as your body realigns. These may include a brief period of stiffness or tiredness, but more often than not patients report a feeling of wellbeing and relief from stress and pain.

Is it safe?

Chiropractic treatment is very safe. Prior to any treatment your chiropractor will take a full medical history from you to ensure that there are no reasons why you should not receive treatment. If your chiropractor suspects a problem, which requires further investigation, then he/she will refer you to your GP before giving you any treatment.

The General Chiropractic Council (GCC) regulates the chiropractic profession, and all chiropractors have to be registered with the Council to be able to use the title chiropractor. This means that members of the public can visit a registered chiropractor with reassurance that he or she has met all the regulations and standards set by the GCC to ensure the safety of the public.

Is chiropractic available on the NHS/ Can I get private insurance to pay for my treatment?

Currently chiropractic is not available on the NHS. However, most private insurance companies do cover chiropractic treatment.

Some companies cover a course of treatment and others ask that you pay and send a receipt in for re-imbursment. Check with your insurance company as to which way they work.

If you are going to be dealing through your insurance company, please inform the receptionist on making your booking to ensure we deal with your specific company.

How much does treatment cost?

Initial treatment and consultation is £65. 2nd and subsequent treatments are £45.

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