Massage therapies

At balance we offer a wide range of massage therapies:


Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment using plant extracts (essential oils). Oils are chosen then blended to suit the client's individual needs. This massage is thought to improve emotional well-being and restore balance to the body

Aromatherapy Facial

An aromatherapy facial begins with cleansing and toning, followed by a massage to the face, neck, shoulders and scalp using the therapeutic values of essential oils. It is very relaxing, can improve circulation and provide a healthy glow to the skin. 

Clinical Massage

The purpose of clinical massage therapy is to develop, maintain, rehabilitate and augment the physical function of the massage client in clinical and other therapeutic environments. Many of the techniques used will be familiar to anyone that has experienced some form of massage and include: Trigger point therapy (TrP), sports massage, neuromuscular techniques, hydrotherapy, Kinesio® Taping, lymphatic drainage and Swedish massage. Orthopedic testing and postural analysis is often used to determine muscle imbalances and to develop a more accurate picture of the structures affected. Stretching and relevant exercises are suggested for client self care. These 'tools' are combined, based on the client's needs, to facilitate the most comprehensive and effective treatment.

There are an array of conditions and their associated muscle pain (myalgia) that can be treated. Common complaints of neck, shoulder and back muscle soreness from modern day living and stresses to more specific conditions such as: carpal tunnel syndrome; golfer's elbow; tennis elbow; thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS); rotator cuff injuries; tendonitis; sciatica; shin slints; plantar fascitis; groin strain, ITB contracture; piriformis syndrome; whiplash; torticollis; and headaches. Benefits include enhancement in joint and muscle function; improvement of circulation; promotion of the healing process, increase in metabolism; pain management; and reduction and/or elimination.

Deep (Tissue) Muscle Massage

This massage technique separates muscle groups and loosens connective tissue so as to bring about the realignment of the body and freedom of movement.

Dr Hauschka Treatments

Wellbeing Massage
A massage treatment to help offset the one-sided stresses which so often characterise life today. Using a rhythmical technique to gently engage with the tissues without manipulative pressure the body’s regenerative life forces are strengthened thus health is promoted. The lymphatic system is stimulated and elimination of wastes and toxins is encouraged. It can be experienced as energising and refreshing while at the same time leaving you feeling pleasantly relaxed.

Serenity Facial
This holistic facial begins with a warm footbath to settle the mind. Legs and arms are gently massaged and light stretching to stimulate the lymphatic flow through the whole body is followed by the application of warm herbal compresses. After thorough yet gentle cleansing and a specialist rhythmical massage technique using specific hand movements and soft brushes, a balancing skin conditioner is applied to the skin followed by a personal prescription nourishing mask. The treatment concludes with a décolleté massage and day care application. This treatment leaves you with a deep sense of calm and peace, the body and mind are refreshed and rejuvenated and the skin glows with health and vitality. 

Clarifying Facia
This intensive treatment helps to regulate and balance blemished and inflamed skin. Thorough yet gentle cleansing is followed by steam inhalation therapy to help the body eliminate waste and toxins. To avoid exacerbating this skin condition cleansing is undertaken using a gentle approach so the skin can be encouraged back to a more balanced state. While this treatment is invaluable for treating problematic skin it can also be adapted to provide a deep cleansing treatment for all skin types.

Signature Facial
This treatment was developed over 50 years ago and was borne out of a deep understanding of the skin and it’s natural ability to heal and regulate. Combining the principles of Rhythmical Massage and Lymphatic Drainage the skin is encouraged to find it’s natural rhythm and balance. While the specific massage techniques support the internal processes of the skin, the application of the herbal preparations gently cleanse, repair and protect the skin from the outside.

(Treatments are performed exclusively with Dr Hauschka products)


Therapeutic/Holistic massage involves a variety of massage techniques used to ease musculo-skeletal problems. Massage is beneficial in relieving muscle tension, promotes relaxation and a general sense of well-being, restores balance in the whole body, alleviates pain and stimulates the bodies own healing on all levels - physically, mentally and emotionally.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage has been practised in Asia for over 5000 years. This has now been developed into a seated massage that concentrates on the upper back, arms, neck, scalp and face. This treatment is beneficial in treating the stress related problems of modern living such as headaches, eyestrain, tension and insomnia.

Integrated Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release

A treatment for pain and discomfort in joints and muscles - it can help with tension or pain, sciatica, sporting injuries, headaches, muscular spasms, and much more.

Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy Massage can relieve many of the common side effects of pregnancy, from backaches, headaches, oedema or other pregnancy related problems.


Reflexology is an ancient Egyptian, Chinese and Indian therapy focusing on the reflex points in the feet that correspond to specific body organs. Hands and ears have similar reflex points and can be substituted.

Sports Therapy massage

Sports specific massage to treat and rehabilitate a sport related injury.

Thai massage

Thai massage is an ancient form of body therapy. Nuad Bo-Rarn is Northern style Thai massage and reflects the gentleness of the Northern Thai people and the more relaxed pace of Northern Thai life. This treatment combines gentle stretching, palm and thumb pressure along the Sen or energy lines and can also include soft tissue manipulation. This is believed to allow the body's natural energy to flow more freely and can also encourage deep relaxation.

Thai massage is performed on a cushioned mat on the floor. The client is advised to wear loose comfortable clothing as this will allow for flexible movement.

It is a treatment that is more suited to active people and should be avoided if you have had joint replacement surgery or suffer from Osteoporosis or any other bone disorder. If you suffer from high blood pressure or a heart condition it is advisable to receive permission from your GP prior to treatment. A consultation will be provided before your massage.

Clients are advised not to have a heavy meal prior to treatment however a light snack is advisable up to an hour before treatment to avoid low blood sugar.

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