Gift vouchers

The perfect gift idea for those difficult-to-buy-for friends and relatives. Gift vouchers can be used for all treatments, classes and products.

Choose a voucher type

Digital Gift Voucher Details

Digital Gift Voucher

Fill out the information below to create and email a Digital Gift Voucher. Amount is in GBP. Enter whole pounds only, e.g. 100

Postal Gift Voucher Details

Postal Gift Voucher

Choose a Postal Gift Voucher value from the options below and then fill out the rest of the information. Amount is in GBP.

Send the Postal Gift Voucher to this person's address


Digital or Postal?

Digital Vouchers are used online while Postal Vouchers can be used both online and in person at the balance studio. There is an extra charge for Postal Vouchers. Please note that treatments cannot be booked/bought online, therefore if looking to give a voucher for treatments then choose the postal gift voucher option.

Sending it to someone?

We can send a gift voucher to someone you choose, and to arrive on a given date. Or we can send it to yourself for you to give in person.

Delivery of Gift Vouchers

We only deliver to the United Kingdom.

If you specify a delivery date, we guarantee to deliver Digital Gift Vouchers on that date. For delivery of Postal Gift Vouchers we will despatch orders by first class two days prior to the delivery date. This means that orders for Postal Gift Vouchers can only be accepted made two days in advance of the delivery date.

If the delivery date is a Sunday we will aim for delivery to be made on the Saturday beforehand.

We can not accept responsibility for the non-delivery of Postal Gift Vouchers once despatched.

Redeeming a digital gift voucher

To use your digital gift voucher you need to have a copy of the voucher code we issued by email when the voucher was originally purchased. Simply add your desired products to your basket. Underneath the basket enter your voucher code into the Voucher form and submit it. We'll tell you if the code it valid and what it's worth before calculating your new basket total.

Redeeming a postal gift voucher

To use your postal gift voucher in person at balance you need to have the physical voucher we issued when the voucher was originally purchased. Simply use as money when paying for your product or purchase. You can also use postal vouchers online by using the voucher code detailed on the back of the postal voucher.

Vouchers in credit

After redeeming your voucher, if there's any credit left we will issue you with a new voucher. In the case of Digital gift vouchers we will email you a new voucher code when you order.

Time limits to redeeming a voucher

From the date of purchase, gift vouchers are valid for a period of nine months.

Lost gift vouchers

Accidents can happen, so don't worry if you've lost your gift voucher; we should be able to rectify the situation easily.

If you purchased the voucher online you should have an Order ID, which will tell us all we need to know. If you've also lost your Order ID, then we should be able to sort things out with some personal details (like who purchased it, when it was purchased and the payment details used).

If you purchased the voucher directly from the balance studio we will have your details logged and should be able to check things for you with some proof of identification.

If you think your voucher was stolen contact us immediately so we can cancel your voucher and issue you with a new one.

Terms and Conditions for balance Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers cannot be used to pay for other gift vouchers. Gift vouchers have no cash value and are not transferable. One or more gift vouchers can be redeemed against an order.

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