How to order

The shop isset out in main categories. When you select a category it will either display all products within that category, or if it's a slightly more complex category, it will be split up into further sub-categories. The name of the category or product is clearly labelled underneath a representative image for that category or product.

When viewing specific details about a product you can then add choose to add this item to your shopping basket. Specify the size, colour or flavour and the required quantity and click the add to basket button.

We have lots more information on our ordering process.

Viewing what's in your basket

After you have finished your shopping, click on the view basket link in the right hand column (underneath the search box) to view your shopping basket.

On the shopping basket page, make sure your basket contains the items you wish to order. Declare the country where your order is being delivered to so we can calculate you postage. Once you are happy with the total cost of your order click on the proceed button.

Entering your delivery details

After proceeding, you should reach the contact and delivery details page. We store your contact and delivery details, so we know where to send your order and should we need to contact you. After successfully confirming your delivery details and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, click the Pay Now! button to proceed to the Secure Payment page provided by Sage Pay.

Check out our delivery information page for more details.

Paying for your order

You temporarily leave the balance site to pay for your order. We send you over to the Protx site where you provide your billing address and card details. The Secure Payment page is an encrypted page. This means that any information you enter into the form on this page will be transferred safely without any security concerns. Fill out your credit or debit card details along with your billing name and address associated with that credit or debit card. When you are happy that all your details are correctly entered, click the Proceed button and your payment will begin processing.

After your payment is processed, you are returned to the balance site where you will be advised if your payment has been successful. If successful, you will receive a confirmation email from balance with your Order ID what you ordered. You will also receive an email from Protx confirming you details were accepted ok.

In the event that your payment details are accepted, you should contact us immediately, quoting your Order ID.

Checking the status of your order

When you order with balance for the first time, we issue you with a username and password so you can log in to the site and check the status of your order. Each time you order in future, when you log in, the whole ordering process will be much quicker.

Returning an item

We've got lots of information on returning products you've purchashed from balance.

Booking a class or treatment

Check out the information page on how to enrol for yoga classes. For chiropractic or complementary therapies please telephone us on 0141 332 8800 or email us with your questions and enquiries.

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