The Art Of Sequencing Volume 1 £10.00

The Art Of Sequencing Volume 1

Art of Sequencing is a resource for class ideas, movement patterns, and suggestions for how to link specific asanas to specific goals. The book begins with an Introduction to Sequencing, where you'll learn more about what sequencing is and why it is so important.

You'll then find the heart of the book - the practice sequences, divided into three categories:
- Intro series
- General anatomy themes
- Flow classes

'I am hopeful that within the book's 34 different sequences reflecting an array of levels, aims, and intentions - as well as the presentation of general sequencing principles, you will find practical tools and insights.' - Melina Meza

Each of these three sections contain numerous examples of seamless 30 to 60 minute practices that will help keep you inspired, regardless of your current level of practice.

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