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The balance shop selling products for Yoga, Chiropractic and Complementary Therapies, including Books And Magazines, Clothing, DVDs and CDs, Exercise Aids, Food & Hygiene, Gift Ideas, Hot and Cold Therapy, Mats And Bags, Props and Tools, Supplements,
balance Survey
Some questions about using the balance website - balance survey
Gift vouchers
Gift vouchers, the perfect gift idea for those difficult-to-buy-for friends and relatives. Gift vouchers can be used for all treatments, classes and products. uchers
Glasgow Yoga Studio, Chiropractic & Complementary Health Centre
Balance is Glasgow's first Yoga Centre, Chiropractic Clinic & Complementary Health Centre. Full timetable of Yoga Classes, complete Beginners to Advanced.
HAG Chairs
HAG ergonomic chairs respond to the way your body moves, providing balance in an intuitive way, unifying form and function in a comprehensive design that stimulates the natural movements of the body and has an uplifting effect on the soul and the senses. irs
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Feedback from our customers about their experience with Balance. nials
Find out about Gerry and Alan who run balance and their philosophy to create a support structure, providing the individual with information, choice and ultimately empowerment to take ownership of their health and well-being.
balance terms and conditions
balance terms and conditions, covering trademarks, copyright, terms of use, content on this web site, registering for yoga, paying for yoga, class attendance, buying and using gift vouchers. erms
Chiropractic pricing
Details of chiropractic pricing at Balance, for your first treatment, ongoing consultations, and follow-up treatments. actic/pricing
Chiropractic self help
Pain is a warning sign, so listen to your body. We can offer self-help information, but if an activity or position hurts, stop or change it. Consult your chiropractor before the situation worsens. actic/self-help
Chiropractic Teachers
Our highly experienced chiropractors have been registered with the regulatory body the General Chiropractic Council since its inception in 2003. actic/chiropractors
Chiropractic, making an appointment
On your first visit to a chiropractor at Balance we will take a full case history regarding your general health background as well as details of your symptoms. This will help in assessing and analysing your particular problem. actic/first-visit
Chiropractic: relief of musculoskeletal symptoms caused by mechanical disorders of the joints
Chiropractic is the third largest health profession in the world, and specialises in the relief of musculoskeletal symptoms caused by mechanical disorders of the joints. actic/
Chriopractic: all your questions answered
Is chiropractic safe? Will it hurt? How many sessions will I need? What does it cost? Is it available on the NHS? We answer the most frequently asked questions and chiropractic. actic/faqs
complementary therapies
Acupuncture Treatment in Glasgow
Acupuncture can help with a range of conditions from abdominal pain to depression to menopausal symptoms. entary-therapies/acupuncture
Complementary therapies pricing
Complementary Therapies pricing at Balance. entary-therapies/pricing
Complementary therapies, massage, aromatherapy, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, nutritional therapy, pregnancy massage, reflexology
At balance we provide the following complementary therapies: Massage Therapies, Clinical Aromatherapy Acupunctur, Deep Tissue Massage, Hypnotherapy, Indian Head Massage, Nutritional Therapy, Indonesian Massage, Physiotherapy, Integrated Deep Tissue & entary-therapies/
Complementary therapists at balance, Glasgow, UK
The complementary therapists at balance include Tiffany Butterfield, Sheena Cadenhead, Cleo Cameron, Nicky Donald, Bara Hreidardsd'ottir, Fraser Johnstone, Maureen Karnowski, Paul McGowan, Ann Paul, Pete Taylor entary-therapies/therapists
Massage therapies at Balance in Glasgow
At balance we offer a wide range of massage therapies including Aromatherapy, Deep (Tissue) Muscle Massage, Hot Stone, Indian Head Massage, Indonesian, Integrated Myofascial, Reflexology, Thai Massage and Therapeutic. entary-therapies/massage-the rapies
Balance offer a range of complementary therapies, including Acupuncture, Craniosacral, Homeopathy, Physiotherapy and Holistic. entary-therapies/other-thera pies
customer service
Delivery charges at Balance
Balance delivery charges, including capped and free delivery delivery schemes. r-service/delivery-charges
Delivery Information
At Balance we deliver UK orders through Royal Mail. For delivers outwith the UK please contact us directly for postal charges. r-service/delivery-informati on
Ordering Information
Ordering information at balance, covering stock levels, delivery information, payment methods and online security. r-service/ordering-informati on
Returns Policy
We provide a full exchange or a full refund policy at Balance. All returns and exchanges must be received in new condition, without sign of wear and in their original packaging with all tags and attachments that originally came with your purchase. r-service/returns-policy
Security Statement
balance uses Sage Pay to process payments securely online. We collect address and contact information at Balance but Sage Pay handles the more sensitive payment details. r-service/security-statement
Frequently Asked Questions
Got a question about products? Wondering about the yoga teachers or chiropractors? When are we open? Is there parking close by? Got some feedback for us? All your questions answered! qs
Help using the Balance Website
Here's information on how to place an order in our shop, paying for your order, returning an item, booking a class or treatment.
Find out what it costs for Yoga classes and workshops, Chiropractic treatments and consultations, and a wide range of complementary therapies. icing
Current Yoga Timetable
A timetable of yoga classes and courses at balance, Glasgow, UK metable
Guest Yoga Teachers at Balance
A few of the guest yoga teachers we've welcomed to balance over the years. est-teachers
Sun Salutation Marathon 2014
Take part in a Sun Salutation Marathon at balance for charity n-salutation-marathon-2014
Yoga Classes - practical info about attending a class
In preparation for Yoga, wear loose comfortable clothing and allow at least 3 to 4 hours after eating a main meal. tending-a-class
Yoga Classes at Balance
At Balance we provide a range of yoga classes from start-up courses and follow on classes to specialist workshops and classes for pregnancy/postnatal and one-to-one private tuition. asses
Yoga classes, yoga workshops and yoga teacher training
Yoga is considered to be a science and an art; a practical philosophy that aims at uniting the body, the mind and spirit for health and fulfilment.
Yoga classes, yoga workshops and yoga teacher training
A fit and supple body can be developed through the practice of postures, also know as asanas. Asanas work on all the bodily systems, toning the muscles, stimulating the circulation and improving overall health. out-yoga
Yoga Events
A list of yoga events outwith the regular weekly timetable, includes Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga for Runners & Cyclists, Back Bending & Hip Opening, Scottish Retreat, Pranakriya Yoga & Kriya Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Strengthening ents
Yoga Gallery
Check out principal teacher, Gerry Kielty in a range of yoga poses. llery
Yoga Pricing
A list of current prices for attending yoga classes and workshops at Balance. icing
Yoga Retreats
Join principal yoga teacher Gerry Kielty on regular retreats throughout the year. Recent retreats have included the Eco Yoga Centre in Molino del Rey (in Spain) and the Eco Yoga Centre in Argyll (in Scotland). treats
Yoga Teacher Training
At Balance, we run a Yoga Teaching Diploma over nine weekends and four Sundays throughout a full year. Gerry Kielty BSc, MSc, is the course director and principal yoga teacher who teaches a range of subjects including anatomy, physiology and philosophy. A acher-training
Yoga Teachers at Balance
A list of the yoga teachers at balance, Glasgow, UK with some details of their background, qualifications and experience. achers

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