When I first went to Balance I hobbled in on two walking sticks. Thanks to Caroline, Alan and all the therapies they offer like massage, acupuncture and physiotherapy, I'm now back to full fitness.

I'd always been wary of going to chiropractors having had a bad experience of "bone crunching" which just made my symptoms worse. The method Balance uses is much gentler and more effective and they don't tie you in to weeks of expensive treatments you don't need.

A life saver!

Shereen Nanjiani

Gerry is a fantastic instructor. Very impressed with the professionalism and care which was brought to every session. Cannot wait to go more often! Super.

Anonymous, 8 week Start Up Yoga Course

I was so fortunate to happen upon one of Gerry Kielty’s workshops in my forties about nine years ago now and I can honestly say it has been a life transforming process for me.

All the Yoga teachers at Balance are trained to an exceptionally high standard and I feel so lucky to have had at least 3 wonderful teachers over the years at the studio including Gerry, Maureen and Sian.

My present teacher Maureen is an incredibly gifted yoga practitioner and teacher whose teaching style is superb: clear, uplifting and attentive to each person’s needs. Maureen has taught me the importance of physical, intellectual, and spiritual balance in my life, while continually challenging and motivating me. Her attention to her teaching makes each student in her class feel as though she were speaking directly and only to them. Yoga classes at Balance are a joy. They are replenishing on so many levels, bringing peace, serenity and great bendiness! I leave all classes with a smile and the benefits last all week.

To me Yoga is Balance – Don’t miss it.

Lorna Johnstone

Balance could not be a more apt name for this centre, as this is always the feeling I have after a session here, whether it be yoga or chiropratice. The professional friendly manner of everyone at Balance keeps me coming back for more.

Julie Chapman

I first started going to Balance 4 yrs ago. I've been through the 'Gerry system' from start-up weekend, to level 1, to level 2 (& occassioanl level 3) + several retreats. Its been a fantastic experience of learning about how to better hold myself when I am at work or home, and I've made some great friends.

Each class is well structured, as are the terms and progressions from term to term so we cover lots of different poses. I must confess I rarely do any 'homework' but even going once a week has helped my minor low backaches (from sitting at a desk at work & home using computers). As a bloke it was great to see that usually at least 1/3 of class are also guys.

I would (and do!) highly recommend Balance to friends.

Chris Tervit

I have been a student at Balance for five years and love coming for classes.

Facilities - the studio is spacious and airy, complimented by a quiet practice space. Generally, Balance has a peaceful atmosphere that is very welcoming in our hectic lives.

Staff - In all the different classes I have attended, there is a  high quality of instruction giving me confidence to push myself. The instructors are backed up by the front desk staff, who are always friendly and helpful.

Sandy Fraser

I have been a regular client at Balance since it opened. I have always received a warm welcome from the reception staff and an excellent level of service provided by highly qualified therapists . At the start of my treatments I am given time to talk about what I need and any concerns I have about my health. By listening to my concerns, therapists adapt and change their treatments to meet my individual needs. I know this personalised approach to treatment has had a positive effect of my health and well-being.

Anne Maley

Gerry was a fantastic teacher.  Very methodical and clear and considered instruction, and he took time with the preparation getting into the poses which really, really helped.  I haven’t ever had such thorough teaching.  I had a great experience of these classes and would readily recommend them.

Anonymous, Beginners 6-week Start Up Course

I have been coming to Balance for about 6 years. The best thing about Balance apart from the quality of the treatment and instruction is that all the practices compliment each other: I started with seeing the chiropractor and physiotherapist for a back problem and have ended up practicing yoga which has helped me greatly.

David Shrigley

I first attended Balance to use the therapy that Margot provides.  I found her extremely professional, thoughtful, caring and very competent. She is a wonderful ambassador for the centre. This encouraged me to use other services at Balance.  Each time I have found the staff very pleasant and helpful. From the moment you arrive you are well looked after.

I have recommended Balance because of the services provided.

Jeanette Clements

Having lived a little over the last 50 years, I have come to the view that balance is the key to life and for me, yoga is the key to balance. Whilst not an expert, I believe that "Balance" offers truly world class yoga teaching and would recommend it to anyone.

Kenny Craig

Attending Balance is always a positive experience for me - whether it be for yoga classes, physiotherapy, massage or chiropractic treatments. All the staff are friendly and welcoming, generating a supportive environment where individual needs are catered for. I have every faith in their professional skills and recommend their extensive range of services to friends and family with confidence.

Lucy Keutenius

I very much enjoyed the workshop. My body felt the benefit - my back enjoyed the stretches and the postural realignment that naturally transpired as a result of the asanas. I found Gerry very supportive. Thank you Grazia x

Anonymous, Start Up Yoga Weekend

Really appreciated the attention to detail in learning the poses. I've previously been to classes where very little instruction was given and it resulted in me straining myself. This course was excellent. Very safe and gave me confidence in my body.

Anonymous, 8 week Start Up Yoga Course

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