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Monthly Yin & Yang Yoga
Day Sundays
Dates 01 Oct
Times 10:15 – 11:45
Teacher Sarah Potter
Number of classes 1
Places left 13
Drop in at £10.
This class is split in to three sections; Yin, Yang and Relaxation.
During the Yin section, carefully selected poses are offered by the teacher, who demonstrates modifications so that students can hold poses for longer (up to five minutes per pose). Through these longer held poses Yin targets the deeper connective tissues in the body.
The Yang section uses the sun salutation as a basis for a dynamic practise which reenergises the body after the slower Yin practise.
Yin-yang is the foundation of the Chinese philosophy of Taoism and is the inspiration for Yin & Yang Yoga. Yin-yang represents the dualistic qualities of life in every living thing, Yin & Yang yoga applies this philosophy to the differing substances in the body and the way these substances respond best. Ultimately aiming to restore balance and stimulate the flow of Chi.
Many students find that practising Yin & Yang Yoga has helped them to become stronger after rehabilitation of an injury, improved their fitness and range of movement in other physical exercise, releases pain associated with conditions such as arthritis, and helped them to unwind from a busy lifestyle.

Open to all.
Contraindications: pregnancy, lumbar disk replacement, recent surgery.

Price £10
Drop-in price £10

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Attendee details

Attendee details

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