Yoga classes

At balance we provide a wide range of classes for the absolute beginner to the experienced. Specialist classes include antenatal courses (pregnancy), postnatal courses (for mum & baby) and Yoga for Runners.

Gerry in star pose

Gerry in a star pose

Start-up and Introduction courses

We run 8 week courses for absolute beginners at the balance yoga studio. The course is designed to prepare the student for entering a level 1 class. The start up course is an introduction to yoga designed to familiarise you with the basic yoga postures and breath. Relaxation and meditation is also introduced. These courses provide you with a solid foundation for your on-going practice before entering our regular classes. These courses are also beneficial to students already attending classes who want to further refine their yoga practice.

We also run One Day Introduction to Yoga Workshops. Whether this is your first lesson, or you are seeking a refresher after some time away from the mat, this workshop is a great introduction to the benefits of yoga. Basic yoga postures and breathing techniques are introduced, as are the principles of relaxation and meditation. Taught by Gerry Kielty, our principal yoga teacher, this workshop enables you to join other regular classes here at balance.  The One Day Introduction offers an alternative to the comprehensive eight week Start Up Course, for those who are unable to commit to regular classes straightaway.


Follow On Class

A follow on from the Start Up Beginners class. This is for those who wish for more time before making the transition to level 1. You will learn new poses as well as consolidate from the introductory course. It is also designed for those who have had a gap period from yoga and want a quick refresher.


This is a drop in beginners class, suitable for students who have attended the start up course or have been to several yoga classes. It is not for students with absolutely no experience.


Aerial yoga

Balance Aerial

This class incorporates the use of a yoga swing to support the body with the help of gravity, so poses can be achieved with less effort and strain, enabling students to explore poses to a deeper level than they might normally be able to achieve. Some yoga experience is required, suitable for beginners through to advanced levels.


Level 1

All yoga levels

A follow on level from the start up course. Consolidating the beginners level and introducing more postures.

Level 2

Introducing more challenging asanas, and insights into deeper practice.

Level 3 / Intermediate

Experienced students and those seeking a challenging practice. Must be competent with inversions and intermediate asanas.


This class is suitable for all levels except absolute beginners. Be prepared for a sometimes challenging class.

Hip Openers & Helpers

This class will focus on strengthening & lengthening the muscles and joints in the hips.

Wake Up class

'Wake Up' Class

A refreshing early morning class to wake, warm, stretch and energise the body, setting you up for the day ahead. The class is suitable for all students except absolute beginners.

Yoga and pregnancy

Yoga and pregnancy

Pregnancy yoga classes (from 13 weeks into pregnancy)

The yoga for pregnancy class is suitable for expectant mums of at least 13 weeks into their pregnancy. It is advised not to participate in the class if you have had a history of repeated miscarriage. Please consult with your doctor that you are able for gentle exercise.

The Class will incorporate asanas (yoga postures) and breathing techniques suitable for pregnancy. Advice and information will also be provided on the stages of pregnancy, delivery and the post natal stage.

There are two ante natal classes, depending what stage of pregnancy you are at:(13-30 weeks) & (30weeks+).

The teacher is Maureen Smith. Maureen is a qualified yoga teacher, also with a specialist diploma in ante & post natal yoga, a nurse of 25 years experience and in addition is a practising health visitor of 20 years. She is also a mother of two girls - Anna (17) and Megan (14).

Yoga postnatal

Yoga with your child

Postnatal yoga classes (for mother & baby 0-6 months)

The postnatal class is specifically for mums & babies after birth.

For mum, the class will focus on gentle yoga exercises to realign the spine & strengthen abdominal & pelvic floor muscles & also for relaxation.

At the end of the class there is 10-15 mins of baby stretching.

If you underwent a Caesarean Section, you must have a 6 week check from your GP before attending. If any perinea sutures (tears) are in place it is advised to wait 3-4 weeks and for the wound to be comfortable before attending.

The class is suitable for babies 0 - 6 months. Please consult with your doctor that you & your baby are able to join in the class.

This is a fun but informative class to involve your new baby. Advice and information will also be provided on the stages after pregnancy.

Yoga For Stress & Fatigue - monthly class

A gentle but appropriately challenging class, suitable for beginners and those who, for whatever reason, prefer to practice at a slower pace.The purpose of the class is to rebuild body confidence, alignment, stamina and flexibility.

The class will include simple mindfulness practices and relaxation to help re-balance body and mind, with handouts to guide and encourage home practice between classes.

Yin Yoga - monthly class

Yin yoga targets the deeper connective tissues in the body. Yin is said to "help maintain or recover the natural range of movement in the joints and it's a practice that you can take with you through all stages of your life whatever your strength, flexibility or age". It's seen as a complement to the yang style of yoga normally practiced.

Each class will focus on different asana (held for up to 5 minutes) to target mainly the spine, lower back and hips - joints that generally require extra care and attention. They will also help to stimulate the flow of chi to create a balancing effect on the body.

One-to-one private tuition

Achieve more with one-to-one private tuition

One-to-one private tuition

Balance offers individual lessons for those who wish more personal tuition. The lesson is tailored to the particular needs of the individual. You may be new to yoga and want to make a start, wish simply to improve upon your current practice and refine the techniques that you have learned or, if suffering from an injury or ailment, require a remedial program to help your recovery.

The lesson lasts up to 1 hour. The first visit will involve a thorough consultation to help gather the necessary information to begin to put together a personal program.

Yoga For Runners

We run a Saturday workshop/month for runners at the balance yoga studio.

The emphasis of the class is an introduction to yoga poses to stretch and strengthen specific to runners needs. This is an ideal class to help runners counter & help remediate from injuries. Yoga is also a perfect complement to running training. This workshop is for runners including those with no yoga experience, and it is also suitable for existing yoga students looking to focus on a particular area.

See Timetable to book a class online

'Yoga is an ideal complementary activity to all "fitness activities" and the specialist
'Yoga for Runners' workshops organised by balance are a great way to strengthen
core muscles and build flexibility. This will help make you a stronger runner and avoid
injuries. I tried the workshop myself and really enjoyed the 'easy to follow' session and
the relaxed atmosphere at balance. Suitable for runners of all shapes, sizes and abilities.'
Terry Brennan, publisher of SCOTTISH RUNNING GUIDE

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