David Moore

David is a balance graduate teacher with a keen interest in the personal development potential and the total physical and mental well being, gained through regular practice. A further area of interest is the beneficial effects of yoga as a physical discipline in helping to combat stress, tension and anxiety, especially in today's fast paced, changing and perhaps less certain environment. David believes that balance is a unique centre of excellence promoting holistic health and wellbeing and has first hand experience of the high quality teacher training environment and continuing practice under Gerry's direction, together with the benefits from the complementary balance disciplines, philosophy and approach.

As yoga has the potential to benefit everyone and many benefits flow from even the basic asanas or poses, David's teaching focus is aimed at passing-on and building integrated technique, synchronising the body and breath for safe progression and learning, thereby discovering, through increased personal insight and awareness, what works for the individual.

David's experience and background in body movement and conditioning also includes the study of Tai-Chi; Chi-Kung, as well as Karate; studying as a member of the Shotokai association, under the direction of master Mitsusuke Harada MBE whose genius in the study of mind & body movement and control in the martial arts is renowned as truly insightful and inspiring and who continues to practice daily, at the age of 82.

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