Attending a Yoga Class

Practical information about attending a class at balance, Glasgow:

  • If it is your first time attending yoga at balance, please arrive 10 minutes before class so that we can enrol you and show you round
  • It is best to wear loose comfortable clothing and yoga is practised in bare feet (we provide racks for shoes outside the studio)
  • We have male and female changing areas and provide lockers
  • It is advisable to allow at least 3 to 4 hours after eating a main meal and practising yoga. If it is just a light snack then give yourself at least an hour. If you really need a burst of energy before class then have a yoghurt, piece of fruit, or vegetable soup – anything that is easy to digest
  • Mats and equipment are provided. If you continue to practice yoga it is recommended to buy your own equipment, as this will help you develop a home practice
  • Please arrive on time. We do not allow late arrival for class in the interests of a peaceful and effective practice
  • Please advise the teacher before class if you have any injury or ailment. Women, please note there are contra indications to some postures when pregnant or menstruating therefore inform the teacher
  • Students under 16 years of age are required to be accompanied by an adult
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