Chiropractic online consultations – don’t suffer in isolation, seek help now

My name is Alan MacInnes, I’m principle chiropractor and co-owner of Balance. In this rapidly changing and curtailed environment in which we find ourselves, there are significant daily changes we all have to adhere to. Some of these are going to be very beneficial for some, like increased family time and the pace of life slowing from breakneck speed to a more sedate meander. As a chiropractor treating patients on a daily basis for all manner of musculoskeletal problems, it’s the sedentary, static day-to-day behavior that causes upwards of 95% of these problems – and that’s in a normal environment way before this Coronavirus lockdown.

Of huge concern, is this enforced downtime will lead to an inevitable increase in back and other musculoskeletal problems. This will come from sitting longer on sofas, leaning and twisting and working from home in poorly set up workstations. Whereas most people can get away with it for a day or two, when this becomes the permanent office, the repetitive positions can have far-reaching consequences.

Due to restrictions, we are authorized to carry out emergency treatments only at the moment. However, we have now set up live online one-to-one streaming consultation appointments where patients can access professional chiropractic help and support. This will involve one-to-one patient history, looking at all aspects of potential causes and solutions. With online live-streaming capabilities, we can investigate where and how you sit, lie down, TV position relative to where you sit, and very importantly, what your office set up is. Additionally, we are aiming to be able to provide recordings of the sessions to you, so you can access the information again and again once your consultation is complete.

Who knows how long the lockdown will continue, but you need not suffer. If you are experiencing symptoms of back pain, tingling, headaches, neck pain or general musculoskeletal discomfort find out more or book by visiting our website or via the Mindbody App.

Appointments available from Monday 6th April.