Morna Dodd


Morna’s decision to become a chiropractor happened after suffering 10 years of back pain following a skiing accident for which there appeared to be no cure, despite the efforts of physios and GP’s. That is, until she met a chiropractor! Within a couple of months, Morna was pain free. She decided then that she would love to help others as she had been helped.

Morna discovered the McTimoney College of Chiropractic in Abingdon and started on the 5 year Masters programme in January, 2007, graduating with a first class Masters degree in December, 2011. Now that she is working as a chiropractor, she is thoroughly satisfied with life, and feels that her 10 year history of back pain, pain killers, and prescribed ‘rest’ were not a waste after all, but rather a route to a new career and a better understanding of the pain and frustrations of others.



  • Wednesday 9.40 – 16.00