Yoga For Men

Yoga for Men

with John Clark

This class focuses on the common problem areas many men have, including the shoulders and hips. While working to open these parts of the body, there is also a cultivation of strength through the poses. This combination of stretching and strengthening can be challenging at times, but throughout there is encouragement of the relaxing and rejuvenating benefits of yoga. 

John Clark began practising yoga regularly in 2005, starting out with Gerry’s beginners course here at balance. He has continued to develop his practice and undertook his teacher training in 2017. John firmly believes in the mental and physical benefits of yoga, and knows from his own experience that incorporating yoga into your life with increase the quality of any other activity, sporting or otherwise, that you do.


The Benefits

  • Work on common problem areas for men, including hips, quads, and hamstrings
  • Introduces regular flexibility training to complement any cardio or weights training you may already be doing 
  • Strengthens core muscles and overall toning of the body
  • Stretches out back, neck and shoulders to help release the tension created by stress and sitting at a desk
  • Relaxation and breathing exercises to quiet the racing mind and feel more centred
  • A men-only space