Pilates Classes Glasgow

Body Control Pilates

with Nicola George

Body Control Pilates is an intelligent movement programme adapted from Joseph Pilates’ classical exercises. The traditional movements are broken down to make them more safe and effective, while retaining all the conditioning benefits of the original movements and sequences.

Nicola George is a master Pilates instructor with a qualification in Body Control Pilates and over 11 years Pilates teaching experience. She also brings with her experience from her background of personal training and competitive horse riding.







About the class 

Pilates is a mental and physical body conditioning programme that uses exercise to change the way in which we use our bodies. Body Control Pilates is a holistic, medically approved technique that is focused on the individual. It’s aim is to achieve core stability and work on problem areas of the body to strengthen, balance and restore good postural alignment, and the natural movement and health of the body.


 Who is Pilates for? 

Pilates is for all ages and fitness levels. Anyone wanting to improve their posture, from home makers, corporate movers and shakers, dancers or athletes, beginners or old hands.


The Benefits

Long lean muscles
Mobility and core stability
Improved posture
Injury prevention
Sport-specific conditioning
Safe prenatal and postnatal conditioning
Stress release