Your First Chiropractic Visit

Your First Visit

First visits are followed by two consecutive appointments that are put in the diary, one week apart. This is to allow the Chiropractor to assess how you are responding to treatment and to check that you are holding any adjustments. If you do not require the third appointment, this is removed from the diary on your second visit.

Your chiropractor will take a full case history regarding your general health background as well as details of your symptoms. This will help in assessing and analysing your particular problem. They will then thoroughly examine the joints in your body from head to toe, and undertake any further clinical assessment that might be necessary to determine that it is safe to treat you.

McTimoney Chiropractors have a very finely tuned sense of touch, developed in their four years of training, which enables them to identify misalignments of the vertebrae and other bones. Upon finding a problem, your chiropractor will use one of a number of light, swift and dexterous techniques, characteristic of McTimoney chiropractic, to adjust each individual bone that requires it.

If your chiropractor discovers or suspects a problem, which requires medical investigation or an x-ray, they will refer you to your GP. Wherever possible your McTimoney chiropractor will work in co-operation with your GP and, with your consent, a letter may be sent to your doctor informing them of your treatment.