About us

Yoga Classes, McTimoney Chiropractic and
Complementary Health

Glasgow’s first Yoga, McTimoney Chiropractic and Complementary Health Centre

We offer a full timetable of yoga classes, a McTimoney Chiropractic clinic, and complementary health services including massage, acupuncture and physiotherapy – all under one roof. Our philosophy is to create a support structure, providing the individual with information, choice and ultimately empowerment to take ownership of their health and well-being.


balance was founded in 2004 by McTimoney Chiropractors, Caroline Arnott and Alan MacInnes, and yoga teacher Gerry Kielty. balance remains the first centre of its type to open in the Glasgow area.

Having known each other for several years, it became apparent that not only did they share many of the same patients/students, but that the philosophy of their disciplines very much complemented each other. Caroline, Alan and Gerry decided to open a centre offering their combined services, alongside other complementary health treatments which support a healthy life: promoting physical and mindful wellbeing.

Call 0141 332 8800, or email us at enquiries@balance.co.uk.