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Gerry is a fantastic instructor. Very impressed with the professionalism and care which was brought to every session. Cannot wait to go more often! Super.

Really appreciated the attention to detail in learning the poses. I’ve previously been to classes where very little instruction was given and it resulted in me straining myself. This course was excellent. Very safe and gave me confidence in my body.

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Chiropractic Appointments – Coronavirus (Covid-19) Procedures

Link to pre-appointment questionnaire (all patients must complete before coming to the centre): In person chiropractic appointments are now a available for people who are non-emergency, but have any of the...

To our Over 60s Yoga class – from Eileen!

Hi everyone, I thought I would put a few ideas down on staying youthful and limber in these interesting times. I am finding I’m either feverishly working on projects in case the lockdown is lifted, or exhausted and listless, finding it hard to be motivated as the...

Recorded Yoga Classes – How To

Although so many of you have been attending our livestream classes, we know that some of you have not been able to because of the class times (especially parents!). We are working hard behind the scenes to create a library of online prerecorded classes, which will be...