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Gerry is a fantastic instructor. Very impressed with the professionalism and care which was brought to every session. Cannot wait to go more often! Super.

Really appreciated the attention to detail in learning the poses. I’ve previously been to classes where very little instruction was given and it resulted in me straining myself. This course was excellent. Very safe and gave me confidence in my body.

Balance News

Restorative Yoga & the Parasympathetic Nervous System

Movement is important. Almost daily, we hear statistics about the impact of exercise on lowering stress and disease rates. But both emerging and ancient science support the idea that the practice of cultivating stillness so that the body can regenerate may be just as...

Let’s Talk About Seasonal Allergies!

Hay-fever and pollen allergies can be bad enough twice a year, but with the crazy weather we've been having lately, it feels like they are on all year round! What can homeopathy do for those who don't want to simply suppress the symptoms with antihistamines? Everyone...

My experience studying Yoga Teacher Training at Balance

by Sandy Graham, Yoga Teacher Training Course Graduate 2018 Delivery at Balance One of the key facets of Balance is attention to detail.  The course is very thorough and Gerry (the Principal Teacher) takes a real personal pride in what he does and there are no...