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Gerry is a fantastic instructor. Very impressed with the professionalism and care which was brought to every session. Cannot wait to go more often! Super.

Really appreciated the attention to detail in learning the poses. I’ve previously been to classes where very little instruction was given and it resulted in me straining myself. This course was excellent. Very safe and gave me confidence in my body.

Balance News

10 Class Flexi Pass for Yoga Classes

10 Class Flexi Pass At balance we are always trying to make booking classes to suit your schedule easier and faster. A few months ago we introduced a 10 class Flexi pass which gives you the flexibility across class types for a period of up to three months. As we...

The Benefits of Regular Stretching

It’s not just massage that is good for you, partner assisted stretching is a real benefit. Remember to include basic stretches or even partner assisted stretching into your workout or daily routine. Regular stretching has the following benefits: lengthens the muscle...

What is Clinical Massage Therapy?

Undeniably not one of life’s profound questions but it is one that has been put to me more often than I can recall. And for good reason. When it comes to massage, peoples’ knowledge and experiences are wide ranging. Perhaps most people think of a relaxing spa setting...