Kids Yoga Classes Glasgow

This fun and dynamic course incorporates storytelling and play to build up flexibility and strength, through a range of yoga poses and sequences, as well as boosting self-confidence and imagination. The classes are specifically tailored for developing bodies and minds in each age group, following the successful Little Greene Yoga teaching methodology, and are a perfect way to introduce yoga to children, giving them valuable skills for self-calm, to cope with later anxiety and stress.

“Anyone who teaches yoga to a child will testify that yoga for children is very different to yoga for an adult. If a child is taught yoga in the same way as an adult then, of course, they will quickly lack motivation becoming bored. If yoga is taught to a child in the same way it is taught to an adult then the child’s developing body could be put at risk of injury or overstimulation of the glands. When yoga is presented using a child’s language and their incredible ability, enthusiasm and imagination then yoga based classes will teach children about the power within themselves, physically and mentally. It will give children a lifetime toolbox of techniques to; self-calm, energise, be in the moment and accept – traits which can help navigate life’s challenges” ~Veronica Greene, Creator of Little Greene Yoga School

Aileen Gobbi has completed her Yoga Teacher Training at Little Greene Yoga School.

About the Class

This class is a full aerobic workout, including a warm up, yoga postures and a cool down with breathing exercises. Poses are held for a bit longer and the class runs for a bit longer (45 minutes). There is a bit more focus on alignment and technique and some working with partners.

The Benefits

There are numerous benefits for your child attending kids yoga classes:

  • Improved body awareness and connection
  • Learning breathing techniques and self-calming skills
  • Increased self confidence and imagination
  • Increased physical strength and flexibility
  • A good exercise class for kids who don’t enjoy other more competitive classes
  • A great way to introduce yoga at a young age
  • And loads of fun!!