Nicola George

Master Pilates trainer Nicola George’s love of movement started at a young age in her birth country of South Africa. She competed in the equestrian field in both dressage and eventing for many years and was on the Western Province provincial teams for both disciplines.

She then lived abroad in Europe and the USA for many years, pursuing a successful career in the fashion industry. On her return to South Africa, Nicola took her love of sport to the next level and attained a personal training qualification with the Exercise Teachers Academy (ETA) in Cape Town.

Through her own physical training, Nicola discovered Pilates and the wonderful effects the method has on posture, injury rehabilitation and prevention- and sport-specific strengthening.

She went on to tackle and complete comprehensive training under Renee Watson of Conscious Movement Education. She then furthered her studies to become Body Control PilatesĀ® certified and also became a certified PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) member. Comprehensively trained in prenatal and postnatal Pilates too, she has recently embarked on her BCP L4 qualification in the UK.

Nicola has been teaching for 11 years and continuously endeavours to remain up-to-date by upgrading her Pilates and movement education