There are many reasons for experiencing back pain, one such cause, relates to the health of the spine’s Intervertabral Disc(s).

Intervertabral Discs (disc) make up one fourth of the spinal column’s length. They sit between the Vertebrae (bones), acting as cushions; the spine’s shock absorbing system. They protect vertebrae, brain, and other structures (i.e. nerves).

Picture of the spine

Discs are composed on an ‘outer’ Annulus Fibrosus and an ‘inner’ Nucleus Pulposus. Picture this arrangement as a donut with a jelly centre. The outer providing a strong radial support and the inner a movable gel-like matter.

Both the inner and outer tissues are composed of water, collagen, and proteoglycans (PGs). The water content can be as high as 88% in the nucleus pulposus, but varies throughout the day, depending on activity and hydration levels.

Help your Intervertabral Discs remain hydrated through a healthy, daily, intake of water.

Consider a glass in the morning, after eating and early evening.

Written by John-Paul Taylor, McTimoney Chiropractor at balance