At present, classes and treatment timetables are running as normal. However, we have implemented some sensible precautionary measures to ensure the health & safety of everyone who enters the building.

1. We ask that when you enter the building from outside you please make your way to the bathroom to thoroughly wash your hands using the provided sanitising hand wash. We provide paper towels to dry hands. Please also do so when leaving the building. It is not advisable to touch your eyes, ears, nose or mouth with unsanitised hands.

2. Reception area. Our reception staff are on alert to disinfect the reception area on a regular basis, including all door handles in the building. This is in addition to our daily surface cleaning of all areas.

3. Clinic rooms. Our therapists have been advised to sanitise the massage beds and other areas of contact between each client using medical grade sanitiser. If you are feeling unwell, or are concerned about attending your appointment, please give our reception a call and reschedule.

4. Yoga studios. Please feel free to bring your own yoga mats/equipment if you prefer. Bring extra layers for relaxation, to avoid using blankets or soft props. We have placed medical grade disinfectant spray, paper towel & pedal bins in the studios, if you would like to sanitise your mat before beginning practice. Please wipe down any equipment such as blocks that you use. If you are feeling unwell, or concerned about attending class, please phone reception to reschedule your attendance. Where possible, book your class online to minimise interaction with the receptionist.

We are following the current UK government phased response guidelines for delaying the spread of the virus. At present these are just precautionary measures to make sure we keep everyone safe.

For more information, please visit the NHS website.

If you do have any concerns, please be in touch with our reception staff at
Kindest regards
The team at balance