by Sandy Graham, Yoga Teacher Training Course Graduate 2018

Delivery at Balance

One of the key facets of Balance is attention to detail.  The course is very thorough and Gerry (the Principal Teacher) takes a real personal pride in what he does and there are no half-measures.  This can be challenging at times but if you really want to become a yoga teacher (and a good one at that) you have to be up for the challenge.  Importantly, the course is also fun and you can have a laugh with the teachers, plus you will quickly become friends with fellow students.

There is lots of interaction and you work with everyone in a constantly rotating basis.  You also get more that asana work as subjects such as: philosophy, anatomy and physiology are covered through teaching by specialists. You are continually assessed/monitored plus there is always homework.  The homework is good (never thought I would say that) as the questions really make you think about the subject area and you can delve in.  Most Sundays a question or a comment could lead the whole class to explore a particular area and we would all share this, so it was a holistic learning environment where I learned from teachers, fellow students, plus they also learned from me (and people will learn from you) which leads to a great deal of internal satisfaction.  Balance eventually becomes a ‘yoga family’ and you will get to know Gerry, Maureen, Lorraine and other members of the team very quickly.

Unique about the course

Where the Balance course may differ from others is via Gerry who has an ethos of attention to detail and professionalism; this is backed up by Maureen who has a fantastic ‘eye’ for adjustments.  Gerry basically doesn’t miss a trick and if you are teaching your fellow students or making an adjustment on someone he will pick up on areas that you haven’t considered or noticed and through his guidance you steadily build up a repertoire of skills that you can take with you when eventually you start to teach.

It can be difficult to compare Balance to other teacher training providers as I have only ever sampled the one, however, my yoga network is quite large and yogis like to share experiences.  Talking to other yogis (within and outwith Balance) the people at Balance don’t just want you to gain a certificate they really want you to be an excellent yoga teacher.  Balance is held in high regard and, for me as a yoga teacher now, I feel that you weren’t going to be let loose on the yoga world until all the teachers felt happy with you.  You may think ‘how important is that?’ well, when you start teaching you will hit the ground running and you have to be prepared.  In simple terms: Balance will prepare you for that!

Why I would recommend Balance

The main thing about the course is when you start your own classes you will be prepared, very prepared.  No matter how good your yoga practice is, how much you have read or how good you may think you will be it is still slightly daunting running your own classes, therefore, the training at Balance will give you the confidence and skills required to be ready.  They can’t cover everything, no provider can, but when you stand in front of your class you will be a thoroughly prepared yoga teacher who has the ability to deliver.  You will have an in depth knowledge of all the asanas on the course syllabus and, importantly (!), a vast array of modifications/adjustments which may have to be utilised to suit the needs of your class.  Teaching to the ‘needs of the class’ was not something I thought about prior to my training, yet it is key to a successful experience and your class attendees will come in all shapes and sizes, and may have certain needs.  You have to expect the unexpected and Balance will make sure you feel comfortable about handling all kinds of situations.

To sign off: thanks to Balance I have my own class up and running (with another one in the pipeline); I also deliver class cover for my local council and three yoga teachers; and teach fellow staff members at my place of employment.  I absolutely love being a yoga teacher and have Balance to thank for putting me on my way.


by Sandy Graham, Yoga Teacher Training Course Graduate 2018