It’s not just massage that is good for you, partner assisted stretching is a real benefit. Remember to include basic stretches or even partner assisted stretching into your workout or daily routine.

Regular stretching has the following benefits:

  • lengthens the muscle
  • enhances muscular coordination and posture
  • increases range of motion, energy and circulation
  • reduces muscle tension
  • and most importantly reduces the risk of injury

Stretching will help lengthen the muscles which will increase your range of motion, your body will require less energy to make the same movements and you will also have more flexibility in the joints thus reducing the likelihood of injuries acquired during workouts or during daily activities.

Muscles which are tight can cause bad posture, for example; tight chest muscles is one possible cause of rounded shoulders. Stretching the pecs and chest in conjunction with good back strengthening exercise routine. Strong back muscles will help pull the shoulders backwards reducing any slouch and will help keep the spine in a neutral position reducing any aches or pains.

With an increased blood flow to the muscles this will not only help reduce post-workout soreness and shorten recovery time, but it will improve overall health. Greater blood circulation helps promote cell growth and organ function. The heart rate will also lower since it doesn’t have to work as hard and blood pressure will become more even and consistent

There will be a larger supply of nutrients and vitamins to the muscles, thereby reducing muscle soreness and helping to speed recovery from muscle and joint injuries.

Written by Garry Saunders, Masseuse at balance. Gary recommends The Anatomy of Stretching by Brad Walker for anyone interested in learning more.

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